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Southie Magnetism

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    Southie Magnetism

    What is it that Southie has that makes everyone want it?
    They wanted our schools,projects,houses,beaches,parade.
    We all know Southie is great,its the people who make it great,they,re a special breed,born and bred.The amount of wannabes and implants is testimony to that.These implanted wannabes can go around saying they are from Southie but all they are doing is role playing.We Southie people know who we are and we know who the role players are as well.So for all you WANNABES,PHONIES,FAKES,how does it feel being GREEN with ENVY.
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    Re: Southie Magnetism

    My thoughts are about Castle Island on a warm summers eve.
    My thoughts are about Medal of Honor Park and the 25 Sons of Southie who gave their lives defending freedom in a far off land.
    My thoughts are of the parade ,the true parade ,the only parade and not that leftwing protest march.
    My thoughts are many being 1000s of this great town.
    My biggest thought is when will they ever leave us alone?

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    Re: Southie Magnetism

    I soubt many will remember:

    Chippewas, St Monicas, Aces, Wildcats, Mercers.

    M St park--pickup games-- not enough for two teams so played for both.

    Gatey dances-- "Goodnight Sweetheart"-last dansce with a nice girl, then, if lucky, Joe's Spa for a frappe.

    Bonfires on the beach--mickeys in the fire.. stab with a branch to teke them out.

    Padiddle at the beach sitting at the shelters or on the wall.

    Thanksgiving--Sousthie Eastie games.

    Dorgan's -- Fries and clams--don't forget the vinegar!!
                    Walk with a girl and eat the fries and clams. Maybe a kiss??

    German Club on Friday night.

    Quiet , rainy night when a doofus like me would walk down to the beach and sit under the shelter and think. Didn't need no stinkin TV.

    Ted Williams, Tommy Holmes--argue whether Natl or American league the best.

    Braves Stadium--5 cent streetcar, 15 cent bleacher--Dad, Uncle Carl -Peanuts, and Nehi grape.

    Hoppin' a ride on back of the streetcar.

    Picnic at Farragut, bandstand, Mom, music.

    Pat-- I still am crazy about you after all these years. I think of you almost every day even though you have passed. I had not seen you for over 30 years but the teenage memory still is a flame.

    Jackie, Macko, Monk, Catfish, Jeerz, Twerpo--
        The Heart of My Hearts gang.

    Leo, Eddie, Paul, Bob the up- Red, Marty, Henry--the bigger guys who took care of us.

    The May Procession--"Bring Flowers of the Fairest"

    Sister Fides and Lois. Fathers Mc Kenna and McNulty. Father Murphy
    Pons assonorum!!

    The smells--low tide, Bakers, Fargo.

    The warmth, the joy, the love. First kiss, First love, Lifelong memories of both.

    I live in the South now. A mental quandary. I left Southie years ago, yet I never left and at the same time I can never go back.

    Many of the friends have passed, many have moved , as I did. Mom, Dad, Aunt Fannie, all gone. 

    Life experience, sadly shows that the long estrangement leaves big holes when reuniting. Sad, sad, yet beautiful.

    When my time comes, I will remember all these things as I head to where all the others will be.

    I am sure there will be a Southie for me in God's kingdom.

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    Re: Southie Magnetism

    Great post mistermiloSmile
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    Re: Southie Magnetism

    I grew up in Southie, and have so many fond memories of those days.  I moved west many years ago, but still Southie is my heart and soul.  When people ask where I come from (they can tell from the accent).  I tell them Boston, they say what part.  I say South Boston.  They say "You're from Southie!!!"  It's even famous in the wild wild west.