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The South End/ Roxbury controversy

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    The South End/ Roxbury controversy

    Are you a resident of the South End? Or Roxbury?

    Many have simply stopped trying to figure it out, instead branding themselves residents of a hybrid Roxbury/South End neighborhood. What is your opinion on the matter? Where do you think Roxbury ends and the South End begins? Are you for or against a hybrid South End/ Roxbury name?

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    Re: The South End/ Roxbury controversy

    The combo name is already in existence: ROXSE as in the homes found on Tremont, Warwick, and Hammond St.

    Lower Roxbury is the historic designation for the area (generally bounded by Tremont St. on the North, Massachusetts Ave. on the East, Harrison Ave. on the South and Melnea Cass Blvd. on the West); see the web page for additional info.

    The BRA, city, state, and residents all use different names as there are strong connotations associated with South End and Roxbury. Just scan the newspapers after a violent act, the Globe and Herald will often use different names.

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