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Dealing with a Nusance Neighbor - Advice?

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    Dealing with a Nusance Neighbor - Advice?

    Always a challenge when you own a home...  I have been living for eight years at my house and my home is separated from my neighbors’ driveway with a narrow strip of land in between.  Back in 2002 it started with the neighbor yelling over to me "not a nice way to start off" when I purchased my home and during the walkthrough I asked the realtor to tell my neighbor to remove his household yard care items (barrels, land mower, shovel, etc.) off my land.  Over the years there have been a series of inappropriate overtures from his side.  Whether leaving his ladder on my strip over property, placing potting soil for weeks on it - thereby ruining the landscaping.  More recently he chose to chop back my bushes pretty significantly as they probably intruded on his driveway.  Certainly, I can understand trimming them back a bit - but not hacking them.  This same person will rake leaves very early in season and then dumps excess on your property to leave a message – that you need to pick yours up – in the mean time not all leaves have fallen.  While these are relatively minor, when I respectfully talk to him - he is neither apologetic nor listening in the long term as the typical mishaps continue.  I am a proud homeowner who takes care of my landscaping, etc. At the end, all I want is my property to be left alone.  Any advice?

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    Re: Dealing with a Nusance Neighbor - Advice?

    Can you put up a fence?
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    Re: Dealing with a Nuisance Neighbor - Advice?

    Response to Re: Dealing with a Nusance Neighbor - Advice?:
    Can you put up a fence?
    Posted by poppy609

    I could put up a fence, however, if would probably be tough on the neighbor to open car doors and have some flexibility in his driveway.  I also risk it getting damaged being that his driveway is pretty narrow.  I think it would also appear pretty extreme, but I guess I could put a basic rail of fence rather than a 6 foot privacy colonial type.  You are not the only one who recommended it, but I actually many times step on his driveway in order for me to do landscaping.  My hope is that the neighbor would just be a bit more respectful and if he would like something done, he could just ask. I feel I have always been approachable and a gentlemen on the topic.   This is the same person who will shovel his driveway 5:30am in the morning, without consideration for close by neighbors.  
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    Re: Dealing with a Nusance Neighbor - Advice?

    Putting up a fence sounds like it could be an inconvenience and might just make him more angry. He does sound like he is quick to be argumentative. 

    Have you talked to him directly about this? It sounds like you have talked, but if it's just been you dropping hints, you might need to take a different approach. Maybe suggest to him that the current situation is difficult for the both of you and see if you could sit down and figure out a compromise that will work for everyone. (Ex. You agree to keep the bushes trimmed to a certain length if he agrees to not use your property for storage.) Try to be positive and let him know that you want to be able to be neighborly with him. 

    Also, regarding the snow...does he need to be at work early in the morning? If that's the case, there really is no way to get around the early morning shoveling. 
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    Re: Dealing with a Nusance Neighbor - Advice?

    Arlington is blessed with and cursed with homes that are usually a bit closer to each other than we'd all like.  I can see myself being the original poster but can almost see myself being the 'offending neighbor'.  Neither of you sounds like a bad guy (I think your both males, like me).  I bet there's a way to make it work out or discuss something that would work better. You might even try working through a third party like another neighbor familiar with you both or your collective significant others/family members.
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