Union Street - Designated Truck Route?

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    Union Street - Designated Truck Route?

    There has been a significant increase in truck traffic using the Union Street to Commercial Street route.  The primary cause of this is the shift of traffic from Elm Street by closing that route at designated times.  Unfortunately truckers appear to be just avoiding Elm Street altogether to avoid any problems on access time.

    Union Street is now scheduled for reconstruction with the goal of adding capacity.  It appears that the primary reason for the need for additional capacity would be the increased truck traffic.  Is Union Street becoming the Designated Truck Route for Braintree?  Down the road the shipyard is slated for substantial development which will generate significant truck traffic.

    A residential neighborhood is being changed into a truck access road.

    Below are some of the details of the construction project.


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    Re: Union Street - Designated Truck Route?

    Union street is not the designated truck route.  Just as you are concerned about increased truck traffic, so too are we the parents of Ross students.  Elm and Hayward streets are closed to commercial truck traffic for a short time in the morning and afternoon on school days.  Many trucks travel these streets in the hours between the ban.  The ban has also not been in place during the summer and trucks have been coming and going down these streets on a daily basis.  This ban was instituted to protect children walking to the Ross School on Hayward St.  The Ross School is the only school in town in which there is no bus transportation provided.   Is it really too much to ask to prohibit commercial truck traffic for a few short hours each day to protect some of our young Braintree residents?