Dear neighbors, 

I was distressed to read the notice about the impending removal by the Town of Brookline of the lofty and beautiful willow trees at the edge of Knyvet Park, especially the one closest to Saint Paul St., which seems full and healthy, notwithstanding the limb that fell last week (doubtless weakened by the storm three weeks earlier).   The storm four weeks ago was an exceptional weather event -- why cut down what nature has spared and can still flourish?  I have left a message with the parks department stating my concern and asking them if it is absolutely necessary to destroy these trees, which provide an elegant leafy canopy and serve as a lush, towering screen between the park and the unsightly parking lot of the bordering apartment complex.  Once removed, these trees are irreplaceable. Indeed the town website indicates that a public hearing must precede the decision to remove a public shade tree, unless, one presumes, there is a question of safety and/ or the tree's health. I just want to be sure that there is no alternative before such a radical and irreversible action is taken.   

It may be too late since the work is scheduled for Monday July 19, but if others share my view, would you mind leaving a message with the Town of Brookline Public tree maintenance? 617-879-5650.
-- (617) 879-5650.