More Taxes narrowly averted....

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    More Taxes narrowly averted....

    What kind of embarrassment was it this week when our own Charles Murphy (D-Burlington) try to sneak a bill by that would effectively obliterate Prop 2 1/2? What was he thinking?

    All 3 gubernatorial candidates jumped all over his case for it.
    Citizens for Limited Taxation said this:
    “Believe it or not, in this year of voter anger and revolt, the House leadership has just released a proposal to hike property taxes over $500 million, which could be passed during the budget debate next week.

    Rep. Charles Murphy, Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee, has amended the Municipal Relief Bill, H-4618, to allow an exclusion from the popular property tax limit that was created by voters in 1980."

    Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and narrowly killed the measure.
    “The intent ... [was] to provide cities and towns additional ‘tools’ to assist them in what are extremely difficult fiscal times,” said Murphy, D-Burlington.

    State Rep Brad Jones summed it up this way "" border="0" alt="" />It’s simply mind-boggling that in a time when foreclosure initiations spiked more than 20 percent from last month, a Democratic lawmaker on Beacon Hill could have the audacity to suggest raising" border="0" alt="" vspace="0" />

    The Democratic Legislature is so entrenched in Massachusetts, they act like they are resonsible to no one. They need to be thrown out this November. They clearly don't know how to budget, and are addicted to increasing our tax revenues.
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    Re: More Taxes narrowly averted....

    I own an old house on the end of Pontos Avenue. The tax  evaluation guys hired by the town managed to increase my property value in 2008 and increase my taxes to $ 4000.00 per year. Now I hear about Murphy who wants to eliminate proposition 2 & 1/2. What a bad joke this is. Sorry I voted for this guy.
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    Re: More Taxes narrowly averted....

    I don't always agree with Rep. Murphy, but the cost of doing business or operating a town does increase over the years so unfortunately revenues have to be raised to sustain the services our citizens need and enjoy. What makes a community desirable to live in is its safety, schools, services and recreation among others. Like the old analogy states "Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but no one wants to die." Burlington residents with school age children is about 15% to 20% or less, the rest are "DINKS" and empty nester's who want to keep every nickle to themselves. With this attitude Burlington may soon have tumble weeds blowing through and we may become a smoke house community again. Share the wealth guys.