Cambridge-based startup, RentPrefs, is offering the Hub exclusive access to an exciting, new service that is changing the way people look for apartments.RentPrefs focuses on fixing the major inefficiency of Boston’s current apartment rental process: the chaos of using online apartment listings to match renters with apartments. Searching the massive quantity of listings is exhausting for renters and on top of the sheer volume, the listings also lack complete information. Renters are not only unable to browse every available apartment, but also don’t have access to comprehensive apartment descriptions.


RentPrefs completely eliminates the need for listings.  In place of time-consuming searches, renters submit a standardized preference profile within the RentPrefs database at no cost. After browsing through this database of comprehensive profiles, agents are equipped with the information necessary to match renters with apartments that are highly compatible with a given renter’s preferences.


Founder Matthew Boyes-Watson explained his motivation in creating the web-based service: “My experience as a real estate agent revealed some glaring inefficiencies in the way renters shop for apartments and the way that renters and agents communicate.” He envisioned a process that ensured that renters find the right apartment by helping agents to understand what exactly individual renters are looking for. “I’m excited to give Boston renters and agents a service that connects them based on personalized preference information, rather than through thousands of impersonal listings. Renters will undoubtedly prefer our service, because it helps agents to find great apartments that fit the renter’s needs.” Boyes-Watson and co-Founder Raleigh Werner are both natives of the Boston Area.


Boyes-Watson and Werner are calling the site a “Rental Revolution,” shaking up the way that renters and agents interact. Find out more at