Cushing Hospital

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    Cushing Hospital

    Hello All,
    My Mom (a RN) and my Dad (a WWII fighter pilot), both now deceased met and "courted" at Cushing Hospital in Framingham.As a matter of fact they were married in the Chapel there on Christmas Day some time in the late 40's.My dad was a POW in France , pre-liberation,being shot down in an 8 on 2 arial fight. He got burned severely over most of his body but collected disability and had a successful career with the IRS.  
     I lived there from the ages of 4-8 (over 43 years ago) and I still remember fondly Framingham. I went to St. Bridgets for a year, one of my sisters went to Marian HS with Chrisra McCalluf (sp) and we lived on Berkley Road (when the house was finished) and Jean Street while the house was being built.
    Would love to hear from anyone who lived in Framingham , remembers Cushing Hospital and may have any history, pictures,etc. on it. I used to visit it in the 80's - completely empty but I felt drawn to it. Well  said... Also anyone remember Lenards Pond and the Train explosion in the 60's where the kid walking by lost his leg. 
    Thanks all and you live in an AWESOME town. God Bless,
    Mike from Brookfield, CT.Wink
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    Re: Cushing Hospital

    My mother was there for years and was a quadriplegic.  They performed wonders for her.  They were astounding in their dedication.  I go over occasionally as the scenery is so beautiful but it tears a little piece of my heart when I do as I think an insitution which helped rehabilitate and care for so many could not have been rehabilitated itself.  All it would have taken is a little money and will but of course the money had to be spent on other projects which turned out to be inhalers of the tax payer bucks.  Put our bucks to REALLY helpful use..nope.  So they tore down this historic building and because of that my mother's life I believe was shortened. As compromised as she was she had to go somewhere else she loathed.

    They kept the chapel though that she loved.  Thank god for at least that!