F-SEPAC's 3nd Annual

Advise the Advisory Council
A Round Table Discussion

Hosted & moderated by the Executive Committee* of the
Framingham Special Education Parent Advisory Council (F-SEPAC)

> For Framingham parents/guardians of special kids only <

One of F-SEPAC's main roles is to advise the Framingham School District on matters pertaining to the education and safety of children with special needs in our town.  We can't do that without hearing from YOU.  What treatments/programs are working for your child(ren) with special needs?  What's not?  What are your concerns regarding the school reorganization proposal?

Provide input to the F-SEPAC Executive Committee (comprised of parents only) about your child's needs, your positive feedback and ongoing concerns. On Thursday, January 28, 2010, you will have an opportunity to share in a supportive, confidential environment.  There will be no school personnel present.

We will also make it possible for you to pose your questions anonymously, if you so desire.  The F-SEPAC ExecComm will then tally & summarize this input and provide it (without names) to the Framingham Schools administration for discussion and will propose action. 

DATE:  Thursday, January 28, 2010

TIME:  7-9pm

PLACE:   Walsh Middle School, 301 Brook Street, Framingham, MA 01701-4371

WHO MAY ATTEND:  Parents/guardians of children with special needs who are served by the Framingham School District

RSVP:  none needed

COST:  none

ETC.:  light refreshments served

MORE INFO:  info@f-sepac.org

* F-SEPAC Officers 2009-2010 *
�Susan Arndt susanarndtinteriors@yahoo.com 508-558-7220
�Cheryl Caira cairafamily@verizon.net 508-877-6475

Co-Secretaries - secretary@f-sepac.org
�Sue Hewlett SKHEW@aol.com
�Adele Wailliams acw12@rcn.com

Treasurer - treasurer@f-sepac.org
�Marcy Rosch

Publicity Chair & Past Co-Chair
�Cat Kaner-Taytslin pac@cat-co.com 508-879-2110