Big Belly Solar Compactors

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    Big Belly Solar Compactors

    These things are gross. You have to touch the handle. And most the ones I have seen are sticky, smells, and not something I want to touch...and im a man who isnt afraid to get dirty. But this alone is a health hazard. If they had open ones you did not have to open up to dump your trash into, Id say give it a go. But this is no different then having a smelly dumpster on each corner of the street.
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    Re: Big Belly Solar Compactors

     Vendetta---I work in Boston and they have been very successful,
      have you ever seen ---they are clean and very efficient for the city.
       Call some of the Businesses in Boston and they think it is a very
       successful item ---when I looked at their web site I really did not
       Know how many cities have them,
       As a professional person seems real easy for a city to have them
        in their city.