Congratulations to Commish Genetti!!!!

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    Congratulations to Commish Genetti!!!!

        We all remember the fit bald police man jogging around Malden in his American Flag shorts looking as if he was an extra for a Rocky movie. Kind to speak with and was great with kids. Gave a lot of his free time and spoke in the schools to help kids stay off drugs ect. Sal was a great guy.
       My last known Memory of Sal was at the PAYT meeting when it was first being forced on the city of Malden. An older man (Older then Sal) was really complaining on how unjust the program was. Just then Sal the enforcer ran out yelling at the elder man telling him to SHUT UP. He showed class and respect one that I am sure the younger officers will adopt in the future years.
       Good Luck Sal.
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    Re: Congratulations to Commish Genetti!!!!

    lol Tea-----------I still have that on DVR.....