Dear Malden voters,

On October 6, 2010 David D'Arcangelo committed perjury by submitting a signed affidavit at Malden District Court falsely accusing me of having assaulted him with a stand-out sign on election day November 2009.

On October 18, 2010 he committed perjury under oath by repeating the lies found in th affidavit and by falsely accusing me of having followed him into the Malden Access TV Studio and shouted that I was going to kill him. He said this before Judge James L. Lamothe, Jr.

If you would like to read an in-depth letter concerning Mr. D'Arcangelo's behavior in recent years, please contact me at I'll gladly forward you all the details as to why he felt the need to do what he did.

Please reject - do not elect - David D'Arcangelo. He's not the model citizen he'd like you to believe he is. I know from experience having been the victim of harassment and threats by a member of his 2009 campaign gang, Mr. Rick Boudreau, a former member of the Massachusetts State Police.

I've known Mr. D'Arcangelo since February 2000 and I ended my relationship with him in February 2008. I served as Vice-Chairman of the Malden Republican City Committee while he was chairman from 2004-08. I succeeded him in 2008 and it was due to his campaign for city council in 2009 that I severed my relationship with the M.R.C.C. after nearly ten years of involvement.

I challenge Mr. D'Arcangelo to address the issue as to why he committed perjury both in writing and in court last year. However, I sincerely doubt he'd have the guts to tell the truth about what went on with his 2009 campaign. My Email response to you will let you in on what Mr. D'Arcangelo is all about.

Barry Greenspan
Former Chairman, Malden Republican City Committee