Fallo Lawn Signs

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    Re: Fallo Lawn Signs

    1775andstilla democrat---Mr. Miller I have questions and willing to
    bet that the answers will be on the Same Level as the Two Mayoral
    Candidates-(a)--Why in this Economy and for Public Safety Reasons
    that the Mayor was given a Grant for Hiring FireFighters but will not
    hire the Number of Firefighters required Under the Grant?
    (b) Why has the two Mayoral Candidates not making this a Priority
    in their campaigns By asking for A Full Emergency Meeting of the City
    Council to show the Voters of this City what side they are on ----
    to Hire or to send the Grant Back Again?
    (c) Tomorrow night will this be brought up in the Committe or Regular
    Meeting and who will start the discussion or will it still be not discuss
    in the view of the Public.
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    Re: Fallo Lawn Signs

    In Response to Re: Fallo Lawn Signs:
    In support of Incorruptibility:  I think I recognize some twisting of words. The post read that Fallon is supported by "members" of the blue bag committee. There was no mention of the MTFA. I'm missing the implied threat you are referring to. Why don't we rephrase to clarify then for the more "simple minded". If you are one of the "good ole boys" you should run far because YOU AREN'T GOING TO GET WHAT YOU WANT SO EASILY WITHOUT THE HOWARD CRONIES LEADING THE CITY. Does that work for you? Nothing dehumanizing about naming 3 humans who are closely knit together. Nothing can explain that away.
    Posted by myrtleturtle
    1775- thank you for that clarification.
    Myrtle- I have a question for you too.  I must also be "simple minded" because you are very insulting and you keep saying that all Christenson supporters are, including myself.  I am asking that you find the insults that you are accusing me of.  
    Not differences of opinion, but insults.
    Thank you very much.