Lacking knowledge of Ward 1 candidates

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    Re: Lacking knowledge of Ward 1 candidates

    Here is Peg Crowe's letter to the papers- she also has a page on facebook.  Peg is the best choice for Ward 1 councillor!

    The 2011 election cycle will bring major changes in Malden, not the least of which will be an empty seat representing Ward One on the City Council. Today I am announcing my run for that seat.  

    My roots run deep in this neighborhood, I was born and raised in Ward One. As a child, Ward One was my home; as an adult it is where I choose to stay and dedicate my efforts to the continued improvement of our neighborhood. I have worked hard as part of the team that implemented many of the great programs the Ward One residents now enjoy and I want to continue that work. Councillor Christenson has decided to move on. Now is my time to step up. My goal is to keep the best of what we have while also introducing new ideas.

    During my four terms on the School Committee I have spent much time intently listening to the concerns of Ward One not only in regards to the schools but to our neighborhood as well. I understand the needs of the residents. My professional and educational background in Public Organizational Management affords me the ability to get things done and communicate so that the entire neighborhood stays informed.

    There are a lot of great things going on in Malden but there is much more to be done. Working together with me as the new Ward One City Councillor we can make it happen!

    Thank you,

    Peg Crowe
    Candidate for Ward One City Council 
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    Re: Lacking knowledge of Ward 1 candidates

    Look up Mike Drummy also. He is running.
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    Re: Lacking knowledge of Ward 1 candidates

    I think both Peg Crowe and Michael Drummy are viable candidates. I believe there is one another. Paolini or something, don't know much about him. I bet if you google them you will find more info out on each.