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Lets occupy Malden

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    Re: Lets occupy Malden

    Gutclencher & Porkchop& Maldengal---sorry it seems i been spending

    most of my time at Mass Gen.Hospital & Beth Isreal Hospital for my

    heart problem. keeping up with Malden is not a top concern of mine

    anymore.  This week is another busy one with more test and appts

    schedule wish I had about $4000.00 to cover my past bills but for me

    to handle in the future. Yesterday my Dr at Mass General has told

    me I can only walk around the block of my house because I have

    collapsed 4 times in last 2 weeks. So I really do not care about

    Malden and the Charter School and the City Council they all could

    just disappear because they are all corrupt and the citizens let it

    Oh I have proof of the Corruption but do not need the Stress of it at this time my health is more important. The proof I have is substantial
    and also have printed material proving it.
    This your City and you can ask for help but none of you care it is
    just business as usual in Malden. i stop Caring in September when
    I started collapsing. "Ask Mayor elect about my health and Councilor
    Anderson who has done nothing for his ward and this city />"

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    Re: Lets occupy Malden


    You claim you don't care about what is happening in Malden, yet you still read and post stuff on this forum.

    You are a joke!
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    Re: Lets occupy Malden

    Anotherman--- did you see or hear the President today-----
    Looks like alot of Unemployed Americans will lose their benefits
    in 2012  what do you think!  Than I read on line that the Post Office is on the Brink of Bankruptcy and big changes are coming, what you think about that! I am concerned because of
    my Social Security and will that be next or my Medicare ! Those are concerns NOW----Malden is not changing with a new Mayor 
     it takes the citizens to force change. This Weekend My wife
    bought the MintX Bags 50 for 14.99 which we will use instead of the Blue bag because of Cost-----20.00 for 10 bags stupid and
    irrational the new Mayor can stop it on Day 1 but will not but I
    wife and I are stopping it. WE are using 2 Bags this week which
    means 25 Weeks before we by another ctn. I changing can anyone follow my lead.  Maybe BoB Miller might have something to say or again is he being told to be quiet.
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    Re: Lets occupy Malden

    AnotherMan & Rest of You People---- Looks like the trash people
    picked up my Black Bags   ---How Many Will Follow.
    50 bags for 15 dollars  or 10 bags for 20 dollars, 50 bags for 15 
    dollars that makes more sense. The Money has not put one firefighter or police officer back to work. when will they use the Money Properly and lower the cost of the Bags.
    Hope someone tell there Councilors because I will have them out there next week too.