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Maplewood Fire Station

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    Re: Maplewood Fire Station

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    Re: Maplewood Fire Station

    The parking lot on maplewood street would be to small for a fire station. Why not take trafton park and use that there is plenty of room for a fire station. Then they could tear down laurel street fire station and put the park there.n Response to Maplewood Fire Station:
    Malden needs their "own" new building in Maplewood for a fire station.The perfect location for such would be the city owned parking lot on Maplewood st.This would allow for the proper equipment to be on the eastside of the city,such as an aerial ladder of 100 plus feet. You have Granada Highlands,630 Salem st(elderly housing)500 Broadway,Salemwood School,Linden School. Not to mention,where the station is located now is a public safety issue when the charter school is being dismissed in the afternoon! There are FEMA grants available for new fire station construction.Why is this not a priority? Any Thoughts? 
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    Re: Maplewood Fire Station

    mad dog: Trafton would be a perfect location. The city already owns the property. The S. Maplewood field re-do would accommodate the shrinking number of kids now playing baseball--the isn't a need for two leagues in the city as they have now merged into one. The number of baseball parks should be enough now. We already purchased High Rock which is an addition to our parkland so no need to replace land used at Trafton to build a fire station. The old fire station belongs to Mystic Valley and should stay that way. It's a win-win for everyone!