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Pit Bulls

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    Re: Pit Bulls

    I have a lot of empathy for pit bulls...I have known several well-behaved, good dogs.

    Having said that, I have also seen a pit bull attack.  Not pretty.  Sometimes these attacks are a complete surprise to owners who have done everything right in terms of training, etc. 

    I think that any dog owner should absolutely research the breed they're interested in, *before* adopting.  If you read and know that you're not physically strong enough to handle an adult dog that can weigh 50 pounds or more on a leash, look for a different breed.  If your dog runs free, don't be surprised if the police are called.  I am not a big fan of muzzles, but I would rather see a dog muzzled, than something really horrible happen.


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    Re: Pit Bulls

    Laurie19, I'm wondering what area of Malden you live in? I'm in the Forestdale area now and have also lived in the Maplewood area and Ferry St. areas in the last 30 years and don't ever remember seeing dogs (pitbulls or other breeds) running around without leashes. I wonder if this all stems from a specific area within the city and could be better addressed with some extra patrols and personal outreach from the ACO in that particular neighborhood. It seems to me that Neil Kinnon picked this topic out of a hat, built an ordinance around it and is getting everyone all riled up about it in the process just to say that he's doing something to make Malden "safer". There are a lot of things to not feel safe about in Malden and dogs are not very high on the list. 

    Obviously, no one wants to see any dog attack but without knowing all the facts around each reported "bite" we can't feel confident that a muzzle law is going to change anything.

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    Re: Pit Bulls

    Thanks Laurie, I'll have to pay more attention next time I'm in that area.