Robillard had made $200

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    Robillard had made $200

    "John Robillard is a voice for all the residents of Ward 6 and for issues affecting our whole city of Malden. If you want your voice to be heard in City Hall, consider making your donation to “The Committee of Elect John Robillard“.

    While donations are coming in, running a campaign is very expensive. The campaign has received nearly $200 in generous donations. Thank you.

    The committee is working hard to introduce John to the neighborhoods. Your financial support is truly appreciated."

     The "Committee of Elect John Robillard" ??? His committee not know what it's own committee is??? It should be "The Committee TO elect John Robillard." Shows again the lack of knowledge his manager Joe aka Gutchlencher and the rest of them have. 

     I could honestly give a good crap less who wins in my ward. I would like to see Kinnon because he is the only one with brains running for the ward. The guy from the dog park is running just because he is mad at the dog park. Robillard is running because people talked him into it. None of the three are running because they want to help the people.

      You can see it on robillards site. The little footage that Joe gives him to read. You can see it in his eyes. He is a lost man. And talking to him on the phone, WOW!!! Short and sweet with no answers. This is all ward 6 has to offer? 

      Ward 6 has the best stores and square in Malden. (doesn't say much) We need someone that can continue to run it. At least if you call Kinnon he will explain things to you. You might not like it, but you brought it to his attention, we know. These other guys are lead by the blind.

       Now I will say, I do not believe Kinnon should be in office while on the board for a school in that ward. But the state feels it is ok. Remember when the Mayor was ready to work as a bookkeeper in Melrose and that came to a quick stop. I do not think what he is doing is illegal. Maybe driver knows. 

      Also do not ever say how much money you have in your account. This is not the presidential race when you have to say so every few months. This is a Ward. And $200??? The guy outside the T station in the morning makes more then that a week and you guys been doing this for how long? 


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    Re: Robillard had made $200

    Rumor has it that this guy is dropping out soon. He can not make enough money on the the primary and election.

    Heard he might be tossing Joe to the curb and picking up an old friend from Melrose.

    We will see if this story is true or not. I kind of doubt it.
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    Re: Robillard had made $200

    Pats--fair and honest remarks...but why would anyone say they collect ONLY $200.00 dollars?