The Real Story on the Revere/Malden Line

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    The Real Story on the Revere/Malden Line

    This is the real story of what happened Friday Night..This was printed in the Revere Daily Item..There was no Gang Shooting..It seems that an unreliable source gave the wrong information.

    Revere shooting injures 1


    REVERE - A Malden man was the victim of an alleged drive-by shooting late Friday on Squire Road.

    Revere Police Sgt. John Nelson said the victim, Anthony P. Sinclair, was shot in the leg by two unidentified males traveling in a gray vehicle at approximately 11:56 p.m.

    “The victim said they (suspects) opened fire on him at close range and he ran to the Hess gas station (630 Squire Rd.) for help,” he said.

    Sinclair was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston with non-life threatening injuries. Nelson said Sinclair later checked himself out of the hospital.

    No arrests have been made in the incident and a description of the suspects was not made available. Witnesses at the scene said they heard four or five gunshots.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 781-284-1212.
    Unrelated to the shooting, Nelson said an arrest was made at the scene of Jeffrey Pierre Jacques, 20, of 54 Cleveland St., Malden. He was charged with interference with a police officer and rude and disorderly conduct.

    “He was just causing trouble at the scene and interfering,” he said.

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    Re: The Real Story on the Revere/Malden Line

    Well I am an old man so I was not up at that time. But live close, Saint Mary's Area. A younger man in his 50s said he heard a lot of shots. And cars racing away before the police came. Curious people made it more dangerous by coming out to see what had happened.
    One thing I have learned over the years, Is you cannot believe everything you hear or read. I believe RPD is one of the best forces in the area, but they might be hiding some details to not give the gangs publicity. Criminals love seeing the story in the paper like a fire bug sticks around to watch his own destruction.
    I believe the Malden Revere line is very bad. I almost got beat up by a man at the small store in Malden for not giving him a dollar.
    I know times are hard on us all. But if they have the energy to go off and beg for money, they can go off and get a part time job then spend the other part of their time looking for another job.
    It is sad how times have changed in such a small amount of time.