Ward 1

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    Ward 1

    I know it's early on but it sems that our new ward 1 counciler doesnt like to respond to questions posed to her...I know she's no Gary..but at least give the curtisy of replying to issues....wrote 4 times no replies?? Gary always replied the 1st time out.

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    Re: Ward 1

    Hi Laurie19.

    This is Peg Crowe!  I have responded to every email I have gotten even to say I got it!  So I am really sorry that I have not responded but I want to hear from you!

    If you sent it to the city email I have had an access issue.

    So email me at pegcroweforward1@yahoo.com or call my cell phone at 781-248-4386 or my home 781-322-3353.

    Thanks Laurie-- Let's get this straightened out so we can communicate,
    Peg Crowe