I was walking out of Meadow Glen mall in Meffa - can't remember its name, but it's anchored by a Marshalls and has a Hometown Buffet in it - and the Dalai Lama was walking in with a monk on either side of him.  I held the door, and he said, "Thanks".  He spoke at the Westin last night, and is speaking at MIT tonight.  I don't "follow" him, in the broad sense, but thought this would be a biggie if I did.  OK, even if I don't.

[GreginMeffa, if you ever watch this board, what mall is it?  I'll add it to this OP.]  Never mind.

Oh - and just in case I got the idea that this indicated a special relationship with the cosmos... On the Green Line later, a woman was having a hard time managing all her stuff.  There was the usual rabbit start, and her coffee flew.  Several of us got "regulared".