Senior citizen discrimination

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    Senior citizen discrimination

    I am a customer of 90's Nails in the Meadow Glen Mall for years.  I go in, do what I need to do and leave all the time listening to the owners speak in their language which I usually don't mind except for last night!  I brought my mother in for a pedicure, to treat her.  I usually have the owners daughter (please forgive me but I can't seem to remember her name) take care of me and last night she was available and playing on a lap top and I asked for her to take care of my mom.  She took one side look at my mother and said in a spoiled teenagers voice "I'm not doing it!" "But I came for you I said" and she replied "Oh well" without bothering to look up at me.  I wanted to walk out because I was embarrassed, embarrassed for my mother.  Thank God my mother had no clue what happened and another employee very carefully helped my mom onto a chair.  What did she think my mother had? a diseise? cooties? did the little girl think she would stay little all her life? did she think that she can be outright rude to my mom?  Well I guess she can because she got away with it while her mother who ownes the store watched.  It's unfortunate how our seniors are being treating: unwanted citizens, citizens that are in our way, citizens that should be brought to pasture, invisible citizens!  My mother and millions of others like her have contributed more than this young lady at 90's nails will every contribute in her life, has accomplished more than this little girl ever will!  has suffered more in her life that I hope this little girl will never ever suffer; wars, starvation,torture,death!  One day God willing this little girl will become just like my mom, a senior citizen.
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