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    My wife and I do not currently attend any religious services, we havent for a long time. But recently my wife through reading books and friends has become very interested in Judaism. She is more interested in the Jewish social traditions, family values and lessons. Anyone have any idea how we can explore this interest further by becoming invovled further with a local Jewish group or Synagogue?
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    I think you will find Temple Beth Sholom in Melrose very welcoming.  Here is the website with contact information:
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    You may also want to contact Temple Tifereth Israel in Malden.  We offer classes for those interested in finding out more about the religion ("Taste of Judaism" and "Introduction to Judaism," among others), as well as a Religious School and many events/activities.  The congregation includes many interfaith couples and converts.  Our rabbi, Rabbi Kudan, is happy to meet with anyone who is interested. Good luck in your quest!
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