Natick Slums

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    Natick Slums

    Has anyone notice the slums near Town Hall. Church St. Common St. and Morse St. surround one of the worst eyesores in Natick.  After the Town has spent millions of dollars to create a very attractive downtown, there are still multi-millionaires, residents of Wellesley/Weston/Brookline, owners of rental properties managing their properties without any regard for the Town of Natick.  Some of these properties have been boarded up for more than a year, parking areas are filled with heavy duty contruction vehicles and trash, forcing residents to park on sidewalks.  One building has 4 large, 18'x10', ply-wood slabe just sitting on a roof.  Town officials seem to have no interest in pursuing these landlords for their blatant violations of the town zoning laws.
    What can be done to clean us this mess?  Any ideas?
    A very concerned resident.
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    Re: Natick Slums

    Wow, I'm amazed that no one from the town has even addressed your question. I'm not sure Natick is such a great place to live if your town officials can't be bothered to answer a valid question...