Anyone notice those neon green parking stickers on the meters ordering you to move your car after 2 hrs? 

Just wondering why, if the meter is paid, one can't stay longer in the center. 
For example, if I want to spend the morning reading/writing at the library - say 2 /12 - 3 hrs, then go to eat lunch at the bakery or Dah-Mee, well tough, I just can't? What if after I eat I want to go back to the library, or walk to the bakery from another resto to get some bread? Too bad? Then maybe I want to pick out some yarn at Iron Horse - oh, well, off to another town to do that too.

I mean, what kind of "good for business" program is this?

So if I move the car to another location, put money in that meter, will I get a ticket because they recognize my car? I know they use electronics to identify cars. What's going on? NOT good for business, and I think these days they would want to do ANYTHING that's good for business.

I guess I just have to go to Wellesley and spend my money there??? Seems crazy...

Anyone, Anywhere have an explanation?