The future of the Nike site

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    The future of the Nike site

    Does anyone know what the next step is on this project? Does it have to be approved by the town?
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    The future of the Nike site

    Today I heard a Fresh Air interview with Michael Pollan. I urge ANYONE who has any doubts about the long term wisdom (indeed, necessity) of such community farming as proposed for the Nike site to listen to the interview (you can get it on podcast) or read the NYT Mag "Open Letter to the Next President".

    Producing food accounts for an astonishingly large portion of our petroleum consumption--only second to transportation. Wow. Local, community agriculture and a return to solar farming is not a luxury; it's what we have to do to survive!
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    The future of the Nike site

    One of the best reasons I can think of for supporting a community farm in Needham is the opportunity for our children to connect with the land. For adults, it’s a chance to reconnect to something that has slowly disappeared over the last half-century in this country.

    Our growing disconnect with nature has resulted in a long list of social problems, from diet related disease and rising health care costs, to nature deficit disorder, to climate change. The lifestyle we have become accustomed to, driving everywhere, disposable everything, has put us at odds with the natural world around us.

    Instead of viewing bees as an integral part of the web of life, we see them as a nuisance. Yet, without bees, our crops would not get pollinated. Instead of viewing soil as the source of our existence (where food comes from), we apply pesticides to our lawns and kill the beneficial organisms that keep the soil healthy and nutrient rich.

    If our children don’t have the opportunity to explore nature, they will not learn to appreciate the importance of nutritious soil, bees, trees, clean water and the many other aspects of the sensitive ecosystem that humans are a part of.

    So for these reasons, I believe a community farm and environmental education center is the best possible use of the Nike site.
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    The future of the Nike site

    We have athletic fields. We don't have a farm. Not every kid is into sports, but every kid can benefit from learning about the earth. Seems a nobrainer.
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    The future of the Nike site

    Many of Needham's neighbors, such as Weston, Newton and Natick, to name a few, have already discovered the benefits of community farms. In fact, waiting lists to purchase shares at some of these farms, which allow you to recieve produce throughout the growing season, are as long as two years. Clearly, it is time for Needham to benefit from a community farm as well. And the Nike site offers just that possibility.

    Local, community farms provide all residents with an opportunity to utilize and enjoy the land through education, leisure activities and of course, procurement of fresh organic produce. Local farms help to combat the effects of global, environmental warming by reducing the use of fossil fuels and pollution, since produce no longer needs to be transported across the country to reach its distribution site and harvesting does not require large scale industrial machinery. Local farms provide safe, fresh produce without the use of harmful chemicals. Local farms offer communities a chance to come together and work towards a common goal which benefits each and every resident.

    The next step is to get the town officials to agree to let the Needham Community Farm use the Nike site as farm land. The land is currently under the jurisdiction of the School Committee, but the land has been deemed unsuitable for a school structure. There has been some talk of turning the site into athletic fields, but this would benefit only those residents who have children involved in sports. A farm would benefit everyone in the town of Needham.

    Needham should take full advantage of this incredible opportunity and welcome the farm with open arms. The bounty it will receive in return is immeasurable.
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    The future of the Nike site

    Some want to use the old Nike site in Needham for athletics fields. Some want to use it as a community farm. What do you think the site should be used for?
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    The future of the Nike site

    I don't see any reason to NOT have the community farm--it's benefits (many of which previous posters have enumerated so well) are extraordinary.

    YES to a Community Farm on the Nike site!
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    The future of the Nike site

    I am a parent of children in Needham. We are active in sports and play on town leagues. I have not done the research on whether or not we need more sports fields, but I'm reading and hearing that maybe we need to better manage and schedule the fields we have, and that might be a solution to the "we need more athletic fields" dilemma.

    As far as the farm goes, I give it two thumbs up. At this time, as our earth becomes more and more in peril, we have an obligation to teach our kids about the envirnoment and have them become more invested in the future of our planet. I am told that one of the main purposes of the farm is to educate the public and our children about farming and teaching our children, and showing them, where food comes from - a concept that unfortunately can get lost in today's fast food enviornment. I hope that eventually we can buy produce from the farm because buying from local sources helps to lessen our carbon footprint in that the food we buy isn't shipped from thousands of miles away.

    Buying organic, local produce would be a local treasure, having a place to educate our children about farming, and teaching the public about organic farming is what we need right now to aid us in taking baby steps toward stopping the dangerous climb of greenhouse gases. The farm initiative will allow us the opportunity to educate our children and perhaps show children, and us parents, more responsible ways of gardening and farming. Please support the farm, and let's teach our children how to go green and sustain our planet.