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parking in Newton Center

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    parking in Newton Center

    I work at a beauty shop in Newton Center.  By the time I get to the 12 -hours community parking there is no slot left!  This week I got 3 tickets by parking at 2 hours parking on Langley st.  It's so hard for me to leave my clients, run out and feed the meter already.  Now I have to move my car every two hours. My coworker got 2 tickets for one day!!

    Why the city don't have any solutions for people work in Newton.  Why the city don't issue monthly prepaid sticker and we can park at any meter.  Not everyone can afford $1,200/year or we may leave the job in few months!  We don't come here just to park our car for free or do nothing there!!

    If City of Newton don't want to push people out of business or make visitors have a hard time to visit Newton then city should have a plan for  parking situation.  I plan to leave my job now because it's so hassle to park already.  I can't afford to pay ticket everyday and where I live, there is no train.  And our business is getting hurt by this new rule.  Is this one way for city to raise revenue? 
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    you are lazy or handicapped

    I have lived in Newton since 1991.
    In all that time, I have NEVER found it hard to find a parking space, if you are willing to walk 5 or, rarely - very rarely, 10 minutes.
    the only exception is around BU on football , but that is weekend, and BU on commenment
    So what you are saying is that you are to lazy to walk 5 or 10 minutes each day.
    pretty sad, IMHO
    In newton center, if you go by the street with the speedbumps by the tennis courts - always parking there