Charter School Teacher

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    Charter School Teacher

     Do you think the case of the South Shore Charter School teacher who wrote a "disturbing" note has been handled properly?  Should he now be prosecuted?
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    Re: Charter School Teacher

    I have a child at the charter school but not for much longer. I heard from very close, reliable sources the administrators didn't provide this teacher with the necessary support and supervision. It is really disturbing how the situation has been handled, how they weren't very clear with the parents, and how they didn't hold the hs principal accountable for it. Honestly I feel sorry for the teacher (and all the teachers who work at the school.) I've been hearing about problems with the charter school administration for the last several years, but I guess the BOT is either naive or has no clue of what school leadership and management are. Honestly, I've been involved with charter school since its beginnings, and I feel like this is not really a charter school, it's more like a nonsense model with a very disappointing administration. I would always recommend charter schools to everyone I know, but I don't recommend south shore charter to anyone!