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Best Historic and Ghost Tours in Salem?

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    Best Historic and Ghost Tours in Salem?

    Here are some reviews for Spellbound Tours (

    "Masterful Storytelling... The guide had not only a knack for storytelling, but a sincere interest in the topics of Salem history and the paranormal. He was also able to navigate around the countless other tours that were going on without missing a single beat or showing any frustration." - Vicki, Colonial Lantern Tours, Plymouth MA from

    "...[Spellbound Tours] described the lives of several particular ghosts and what horrific experiences might have compelled them to linger, fading in and out of this dimension. The tour guide gave us info that other tours "left out". This is a must-see for the real flavor of Salem, MA..." - member 'BinkyNewYork' - NY

    " [Spellbound Tours] explained the significance of each stop, answered questions to the best of [their] ability, and made everyone feel at ease. It was worth the money I spent and more! I am looking forward to going back again for the Witchcraft and Cemetery tour and recommend Spellbound tours to everyone!" - member Jenne T., Quincy MA

    "Love Spellbound Tours, have been on it over a 20 times over the past 5 years, all of guides are great... We look forward to the Spellbound tours a few times each year. If you plan on visiting Salem, MA in October, this tour is a must, a spooky tour to add to your Salem visit!" - Jim F. from, Warwich RI

    "I am not a believer in such nonsense but my wife is extremely fascinated by ghost and puts some faith in their existence. ... I found this tour guide, a self proclaimed witch, to be enthusiastic, thorough and friendly. His very logical and open approach to this controversial subject made him more credible and less contrived. ... Even for a non-believer, the walking tour was an interesting, fun experience with a hint of both historic curiosity and metaphysical uneasiness." member 'Zoomarlens', Georgia

    "Best Walking Tour in Salem. ...We've done some of the other tours in Salem, but this one seemed more authentic and less like an "act". Highly recommended! - contributor

    "With the spellbound tours it's great if you want to actually see haunted sites and try and catch a ghost/spirit for yourself. I had a great time hearing stories of things that actually happened and what experiences people had. ...So for this tour make sure you bring a camera..." - member 'Stavroula', Brooklyn NY

    "The tour guides made it really fun and interesting. This is a must do if you are visiting Salem. I recommend doing both tours to get a daytime and nighttime experience. The daytime tour takes you to the witch memorial, which is very special. The nighttime tour takes you to all the paranormal "hot" spots and includes some crazy spooky photos, definitely bring a camera for the nighttime tour!! Mollie Stewart is fantastic. Stop by her Spellbound Museum for a look at the paranormal!!" - Judy from a review on our Facebook page

    "There are many guided walking tours that will take you around the beautiful and historic city of Salem, but many tourists complain about cheesiness and historical inaccuracies after joining most. Out of all the tours in town, Spellbound Tours is the best bang for your buck... There are many fly-by-night tour companies in town, but Spellbound Tours has been in Salem longer than most others and is well respected in the community. It is the standard for haunted and historic guided walking tours in Salem." - Keri W. at

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    Re: Best Historic and Ghost Tours in Salem?

    Looks like fun. Does anyone know any other awesome tours out there?
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    Re: Best Historic and Ghost Tours in Salem?

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    Looks like fun. Does anyone know any other awesome tours out there?
    Posted by BDCJoeAllenBlack
    There is also a Ghost and Graveyard tour out of Boston. I took it a few years ago; really interesting learning of the darker side of Boston.

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    Re: Best Historic and Ghost Tours in Salem?

    Salem Trolley Tours is a good way to see some sights and get a little history of the city...