Especially Yours® Introduces Celebrity-Inspired Lace Front Wigs Featuring Natural Hairline and a Seamless, Realistic Look

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    Especially Yours® Introduces Celebrity-Inspired Lace Front Wigs Featuring Natural Hairline and a Seamless, Realistic Look

    Incredible Style, Priced for Every Budget
    Especially Yours®, the nation’s leading direct source for wigs and fashion for black women, has introduced an affordable, stylish collection of Lace Front Wigs. One of the newest trends in the wig industry, lace front wigs are designed to provide the most natural hairline available with a seamless, realistic look. Celebrities spend thousands of dollars on custom lace front wigs, but every woman can feel like a star with the newly launched Especially Yours® Collection – featuring world famous hairstyles inspired by such prominent women as Oprah and Beyonce. Priced from $89 to $109, the collection features versatile synthetic wigs, and is available 24/7 via catalog and web site. These Especially Yours® wigs are made of the finest synthetic fiber with the look and feel of human hair without the extra care; with curls staying firmly in place even after washing.
    “The confidence which a lace front wig provides to the wearer is remarkable,” explains Colleen Cheney, VP of Merchandising for Especially Yours®. “Lace front wigs have brought a new level of style and comfort to the wig industry, but most brands are quite expensive and often out of reach for the average woman. For years, Especially Yours® has been the go-to resource for black women seeking beautiful hairpieces, as well as terrific fashion, at value pricing. Our new lace front wig collection provides the most natural hairline available, amazing fit and exceptional style at great value.”  Lace Front Wigs
    Lace front wigs look so real that it’s hard to tell if, in fact, a woman is wearing a wig. Strands are tied by hand to a sheer lace front to mimic natural hair's root movement and growth. The wigs confidently stay in place with invisible support and no glue required. The result is a wig that feels – and looks – completely natural. Lace front wigs are truly ready-to-wear hairstyling. 
    The Especially Yours® collection features a medium length, wavy wig that resembles Oprah’s famous style; the long wavy layers of Beyonce’s world famous hair; the short and dramatic curls of Natalie Cole; and the sleek, long look of Tyra Banks; just to name a few. The pieces are ready to wear, with price points at up to 65% less than other retailers for lace front wigs. The collection features five styles, available in a wide array of hair colors, with new styles already on their way! Especially Yours®
    Especially Yours® offers a wide assortment of fashionable, versatile wig and hair piece styles and apparel for the fashion-conscious black woman. From special occasion to everyday wear, Especially Yours® has hair fashions for everyone – easy synthetic styles, human hair designs, falls and headband styles, fashion add-ons, hair pieces and weaves.
    As the market leader in these product categories for black women, Especially Yours® continues to set trends in contemporary hair design, with exclusive signature collections from celebrities Patti LaBelle and Diahann Carroll. Especially Yours® has further enhanced its product line with revolutionary innovations including WhisperLite® fiber, a wider range of sizes, and new approaches to color blends and highlights.

    Especially Yours® also offers an exciting apparel collection that features top-quality designs at affordable prices. This line includes everything from flowing caftans and Christian-themed casual wear to elegant suits by some of the industry's top designers, including Nubiano, Lisa Rene(tm) and ML Studio by Milano(tm).  Matching hats and handbags complete the chic, head-to-toe looks. For more information visit
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    Jaclyn Smith and José Eber Talk Candidly About Great Hair

    How to Look Like a Star: From Terrific Hair Pieces to Hair Care  New STYLE Collection by Jaclyn Smith for Paula Young®  Q: Jaclyn, describe your hair care routine:JS: "I don't wash my hair every day - unless I'm on a film or a photo shoot. I try to take breaks from daily shampoos and other products. That way I give my hair a chance to rest and let the natural oils work back into my hair. I use non-detergent shampoos unless I want to deep clean my hair.  Q: Do you have a favorite shampoo and conditioner?JS: "I try rotating a few favorite shampoos - you'll find that changing shampoos will bring out the best in your hair. Some may give it shine, some will add body and some will make your hair softer. You will learn what shampoo works best for you depending on what you want for that particular day.  Q: What is the STYLE Collection for Paula Young®?JS:   "I like hair styles that are classic and timeless. My new STYLE Collection for Paula Young is an amazing, affordable collection of wigs, falls, hairpieces, volumizers and clip-ons that are both flattering and fun to wear. There is no need to be afraid of change!  José Eber, "stylist to the stars", has become synonymous with beauty throughout the world. José believes that every woman has star potential if she will recognize her own unique beauty and appreciate the characteristics and traits that make her special and different. He puts it this way, "I don't make women beautiful, I show them that they already are." Q: José, Jaclyn's fans often write to us asking about Jaclyn's haircut …what can you tell us?JE: "First, let me say that I've been lucky to cut Jaclyn's hair for more than 18 years. The reason I say lucky is because Jaclyn's hair really is a hairdresser's dream come true…not too curly; not too straight … easy to blow out straight -- or add a bit of product to obtain beautiful tossels or curls. She has very 'touchable' hair -- with such amazing texture, quality and wave.   Q: What special advice do you have for Jaclyn's fans?JE: "You have to be realistic. If you have fine or thin hair, your hair will not look like Jaclyn's - no matter what the cut is or who cuts it. But there are many fashion styles today and you will find one to be right for you. Also, don't be a slave to trends … and, don't let your age dictate your choice of style. There is no age limit when choosing a hairstyle. Your haircut and style will be fashionable as long as it fits your personality and your lifestyle."  Q: What is the difference between a 'style' and a 'trend'?JE: "OK, let me try to answer that. There are trends in hairstyles. But a trend is not a style. You can interpret any style into the trend. One year the trend could be straight and another year curly. If the trend is for curly hair, you can have anything from flat curls to big curls or very curly to wavy hair. Ten women can follow the trend of curly hair, but have ten different individual beautiful styles." STYLE Collection: Celebrity Hairstyles in a Snap!The recently-debuted STYLE by Jaclyn Smith Collection is a magnificent line of beautiful hairpieces, including falls, clip-ons, wigs and other pieces. The line, available exclusively through and the Paula Young® catalog, meets the needs of today’s modern woman featuring hair fashion with natural highlighting, blended colors, volumizers, add-ons and more.
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    Wholesale Program Provides Much Needed  Information Packets andMerchandise/Wigs to Clinics and Hospital Stores Across the Country Over 21 million American women have thinning hair, and one out of every four women will experience some form of hair loss in her adult life.  These statistics carry emotional – as well as physical – implications.  Understanding hair loss and the many options available provides women with the tools they need to cope with this condition; helping them to feel good about themselves and how they look during all stages of hair loss.  It is important for women to learn more about all the available options as they experience hair loss; medical clinics, hospitals, and hospital stores can offer information and solutions through Salon Silhouettes®.  Salon Silhouettes®, an innovative wholesale program from Specialty Catalog Corporation, one of the nation’s hair fashion leaders, provides a wide variety of retail outlets with products and information. The company offers hair extensions, wigs, hairpieces and accessories to salons, hospital stores and other retail outlets. Additionally, the program includes valuable selling tools such as catalogs, posters and merchandising displays – everything a retail outlet will need to sell hair fashions.  “We are pleased to be able to offer this informative and helpful program to women experiencing hair loss,” commented Jon Bernstein, Specialty Catalog Corporation President and CEO. “Salon Silhouettes® is a viable way to disperse vital information and practical resources to patients dealing with hair loss issues.”
    Important Information for Patients Experiencing Hair LossHere, from Salon Silhouettes®, are practical tips to help women look great while experiencing hair loss:
    • Understand the Hair Loss Process
      Information is key.  Women lose their hair for a number of reasons; chemotherapy, side effects of medication, stress, among others.  The rate of hair loss can vary from person to person; some people may lose their hair gradually during chemotherapy, while in others it might be quite rapid.  Unfortunately, topical solutions such as shampoos, cosmetic treatments or growth stimulants cannot prevent many medically related hair loss conditions. 
    • Be Aware of All the Options
      Becoming familiar with the options will greatly assist a person during this trying time.  There is no “right” option regarding how to deal with hair loss – some women prefer wigs, others opt for turbans, scarves or to wear their baldness proudly.  When anticipating hair loss, or at its initial onset, visit with a hair stylist to discuss options.  Hairstylists can be extremely helpful in creating styles from one’s hair as it thins or wanes; as well as helping integrate hairpieces in with existing hair.  Many women also have their hair stylist actually style their wigs to cut the bangs in the most flattering manner for their faces, etc.  Additionally, a hair stylist can assist in selecting the most subtle color for a hairpiece or wig in order to match skin tone.
    Hair loss exposes the scalp to the elements; in winter a wig or headpiece can keep the body warmer and in summer months keep the scalp safe from sunburn.  It is important to take extra care with existing hair and the scalp during a period of hair loss.  Wash the hair and scalp regularly with a mild shampoo in lukewarm water, not hot.  Condition with a crème rinse for fine or limp hair.  Pat the hair and scalp dry, and comb gently.  Avoid the use of any perfumed cosmetics or soap.
    • Selecting the Right Hairpiece
      In regards to how many wigs or hairpieces to have, most women prefer to have more than one.  Many women choose a wig or hairpiece that is most like their pre-hair loss styling.  However, now can also be the time to experiment with new styles and colors.  A short wig might be perfect for everyday, and a more textured mane of hair may be just right for the weekends.  Each person should feel confident in selecting styles, shades, and lengths that reflect personal style. 

      Both synthetic and natural hair wigs are available.  Both have their own unique benefits.  Synthetic hairpieces are most popular because they require the least amount of care.  Today’s synthetic wigs offer many styling and comfort features.  Shorter synthetic wigs are considered “shake-n-go”, meaning that they can be quickly shaken to look natural.  Longer styles can be finger combed.  Never, however use heat on a synthetic wig.  Blow dryers can damage the fiber and ruin a synthetic hairpiece.

      Human hair wigs are extremely versatile; they can be curled or styled.  Because they cannot be prestyled (many women bring their synthetic wigs to their hairdresser) they do require more time and effort. 
    • Styling a Hairpiece
      Styling hairpieces is very similar to styling one’s own hair.  One day it might be casual, another a bit fancier.  Wigs and hairpieces allow for all the variety associated with any hair styling.  Synthetic wigs are especially easy to style – a straight shorthaired wig can be shaken into a casual look, curled tightly for a “curly cue” style, gently curled for waves, or worn straight and sleek.  Although flat irons and blow dryers should never be used on a synthetic wig, all of these styles can be obtained using a comb or brush (or even fingers in terms of tight curls).  Synthetic wigs respond beautifully to styling – ask a hair care professional to demonstrate some of the many ways to transform the same hairpiece into a multiple of fashion statements. 
    In terms of wearing a wig, it is recommended to first use a wig liner to keep existing hair tightly in place under the hairpiece.  Today’s wigs all come with carefully concealed tabs for secure fit.
    • Caring for a Hairpiece
      Cleaning a wig or hairpiece is simple – gently remove tangles using a wide-tooth comb, and then turn the piece inside out.  Soak the wig for five minutes in cold water and a wig shampoo gently handling the wig without rubbing.  While the piece is still wet place it on a wig stand.  Avoid using a Styrofoam® styling head when the wig is wet though in order to avoid stretching it.  Spritz thoroughly with conditioner and air dry at room temperature.  Once the wig is dry, brush or comb it into the desired look.  Remember:  Human hair can be curled, straightened or crimped – even custom cut.  But never use any heat products on a synthetic piece.  To make the final look last, be sure to now store the wig on a Styrofoam® styling piece.
      About  Specialty Catalog Corp. and Salon Silhouettes®Specialty Catalog Corp. is one of the nation's leading multi-channel direct marketers. With a modern, efficient and finely-tuned infrastructure we serve the women's hair fashion, medical hair loss and apparel markets as well as providing continuing education for professionals. From operations in the U.S. and the United Kingdom our catalogs, websites and retail stores serve a multinational cross section of customers around the world.  Salon Silhouettes® provides informative brochures on “Understanding Hair Loss,” as well as a collection of wigs and hairpieces which medical centers and hospitals can sell directly to patients.  Offering real solutions to real hair issues, the program provides wholesale hair pieces with no minimum purchase There is no inventory commitment, a 60-day return policy and a wide selection of product lines is available including wigs and hairpieces from the STYLE Collection by Jaclyn Smith, Paula Young® and Especially Yours®. Clients are kept up-to-date regularly on current product offerings as well as special marketing promotions.   For more information on providing Salon Silhouettes brochures/merchandise to patients call 1-800-558-9447.