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Police downtown motorcycle slalom

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    Police downtown motorcycle slalom

    Did anyone else see two policemen horsing around doing motorcycle slalom weaving back and forth across the center line between traffic cones on Moody Street heading into oncoming traffic Sunday morning? I still remember when they caused the death of a Brandeis professor chasing a kid at 60 mph on Moody street, and I get the willies every time I see police driving over 60-80 on Main or Moody, or running stop signs without any lights or siren, or otherwise doing dangerous and illegal things. Was the motorcycle horsing around practice for a sanctioned event? I thought the Waltham police ended this kind of behavior several years ago.
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    Re: Police downtown motorcycle slalom

    Depending on the time you witnessed this, they were probably clearing the way for the Moody Street 5K Road Race which was being run that morning at about 10AM.

    Not everything involving the police is as ominous as you imply.  Relax.