The towns and cities of MA should have standing orders for their animal control to shoot coyotes on sight.  Train them to carefully shoot these coytotes and get them out of our suburban woods and parks!

Yes the coyotes may be part of the natural ecosystem... of the past, but not today. Our forefathers would ridicule us if they knew we allowed these animal to expand back into our towns.  They worked hard to eliminate them becasue they knew of the real dangers they present to our children, pets, livstock, and also individuals out walking or jogging in wooded areas. Rabies as we know is still a real threat too.

Today they are a real menace to a population unaccustomed to having these dangerous pack predators in our parks and towns.

Read this if you have any doubt:

This kiling of a female jogger happened in nearby Nova Scotia. It can happen here too if we let these predators become unfearful of humans.