I moved out of Wellesley in the summer of 1971. I have often wondered did the 1969 junior high football team ever have a reunion? They were quite a group led by Mike Gibson-Mr. Everything.(He was that good. When he was a sophomore at WHS my Dad said he was as good as any high school player he ever saw) They outscored their opponents like 240-50. There was Scannell the QB and Sullivan and Eagelson with Gibson in the backfield. A tough defense led led by Stoddard and McMahon and Lucenta and Gibson. There were others that contributed a lot, sorry if I have missed some of them. I know that as sophomores at the high school the team finished 5-5. Then I found out that they had a decent junior year losing two games but the senior year, the one everybody looked forward to was just over 500.  3or 4 losses. It brings back some great memories. Mr.Macaleer was the head coach and Mr. Whittaker was one of the assistants. I was in 7th grade that school year. Events happened that school year like Woodstock, the big anti-war demonstrations in Boston, Apollo 13, Kent State and the Bruins Stanley Cup victory. But what I will remember most about that school year was the fantastic football team. Just wondered if anybody remembers?