/> When I read,or listen to the outpour of  volatile
/> thinking of extremists and fanatics ,immersed in
/> biases,prejudices and fixations of  all types even
/> tinged with hatred and despise , I wonder,How much mentally
/> chained people can be in 21st century,world ,termed as a
/> global village?
/> This makes me think that the biggest challenge for the
/> enlightened leadership of the world is to emancipate
/> mentally, from biases,prejudices and fixations of all types,
/> as many people and as early  as possible .
/> This turn will call for making them learn to forgive,as is
/> advocated and promoted by my friend,Proff.Dr.Frederic,
/> Stanford University, through his book,the best
/> seller,"Learning to Forgive" and seminars. I happened to
/> meet and  listen   Dr. Fred in the
/> meeting of Rotary club of San Jose,ca wherein he was the
/> guest speaker, last year.
/> I've written a blog on," learning to forgive" in Telegraph
/> London to stir discussion and promote this thinking but I
/> feel much more and by many more this needs to be promoted
/> and propogated to make this world a better place to live
/> in.
/> I was incited to write this article after reading an
/> avalanche of emotionally loaded and seething feelings
/> ,generated by the address of President Obama for
/> ordering   probe in to mass grave of
/> allegedly 2000 Afghan prisoners of war
/> while being transported in comtainers like sardines, in
/> Afghan war in 2001. He actually wanted to know what was the
/> role of U.S forces and/or NATO in that sad and bad
/> happening?    He has not so far defined the line
/> of action after the results of probe are available but many
/> fanatics have let loose a series of diatribe , just for
/> ordering probe in to a historical sad event. Prime Minister
/> of Japan sought apology from the people of China and South
/> Korea for the misdoings of his predecessors during world war
/> 11. It didn't  cut down the stature of P.M nor it
/> humiliated people of Japan but eased the nerves of aggrieved
/> people,draining much of hatred and despise.
/> Repentence,confession and seeking forgiveness are all in
/> correspondence with the teaching of all
/> religions,particularly Christianity and Islam.
/> If the people turn bigots, it's a kind of mental ebberation
/> not in correspondence with the ethics of any good society or
/> nation.
/> Let every conscientious-minded person across the world
/> commit to work  for the mental emanicipation from
/> biases,prejudices and fixations of all types to make this
/> world a better place to live for humanity at large