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What's More Important: Having It All or Happiness?

Posted by Kara Baskin June 25, 2012 08:00 AM

After reading Anne-Marie Slaughter’s viral piece in the Atlantic, Why Women Still Can’t Have It All, I came away wondering not if I could have it all or if I even deserved to. As long as I am 5’1” with no athletic ability, and I’m pretty sure I will never have it all. That’s OK. I wanted to know if this woman with a teflon resume, high-powered career, and a family is actually happy. Hers is a fundamentally joyless account of life at the top, a Rolodex masquerading as manifesto.


Five More Places to Eat With Your Children (That Won't Make You Want to Eat Your Children)

Posted by Kara Baskin June 14, 2012 07:00 AM

Today I opened my refrigerator and pulled out chicken that appears to be growing fuzz. This means that we'll probably dine out tonight. A little while back, I listed five fabulous restaurants that don't make you feel like a leper when you trundle in with a stroller, an iPad trumpeting Sesame Street's most obnoxious ditties, and a bulbous diaper bag capable of beheading people. It's been a while, and we've eaten out with Andrew a fair bit since then. And so: Here are five more restaurants that you should definitely visit in lieu of frozen pizza.


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Kara Baskin (@kcbaskin) is a Boston-based writer, editor, and mom to Andy. She thinks Sriracha and garlic make everything tastier. She loves Steely Dan and "Murder, She Wrote." Her More »

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