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Youngster attaches himself to "strangers"

I have a 2.4 yr old and a 1.2 yr old. I try to give them both their own mommy time and encourage both of them. When my son does not like something that he is told or does not get what he wants, he runs to strangers and grabs their legs and refuses to let go. As soon as the stranger responds to him, he pulls away as if he does not know why they are engaging him. It has been really hard and I am not sure what to do about it.

From: Entregada, Powder Springs, GA

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Dear Entregada,

What you're describing is a plea for attention. Don't wait for him to attach himself to so-called "strangers." Pick him up as soon as this happens and take him to where he feels safe, before he recognizes that he is with someone he doesn't know. That can be very scary. Meanwhile, maybe you aren't giving him as much "mommy time" as you think, or maybe it is somehow diluted? I don't mean to say that mommy time is a panacea but it should at least help. Something in this equation isn't working, hard to tell what that might be.