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This comes under the category of "meddling" mothers-in-law. (I cringe even as I type this because my mother has a son and maybe I will, too, so, you know....) But. My MIL keeps telling me my son is "slow" to do this and she "worries" about that and.....the list keeps growing. He's 3! The latest is that he's "not physical enough," whatever that means. I am pretty confident my son is well within typical ranges. My ped says so and our instincts do, too. Any suggestions how to (politely) tell her to back off. We love her, really!

From: We love her. Really!

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Dear WLHR,

Show her this letter! Seriously. It's kind and caring and yet gets your point across. Or, print out this graphic "Milestones of your little rocket scientist," offered by and tell her you hope this will calm her concerns. The chart is full of information that's clearly and carefully presented. Every set of in-laws -- not to mention parents -- deserves one.

PS. Thanks to those of you who have alerted me that the link doesn't seem to be working. You can also type it in: Sorry!