And that's why the lady wants a tramp(oline)

Posted by Erica Noonan  May 21, 2010 08:25 AM

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To bounce or not to bounce?

My in-laws generously offered to get us one of those backyard trampolines -- the kind with the side netting panels -- for some summer recreation.

We have the room in the yard, and they look like a lot of fun. Lots of families out here in the 'burbs have them.

I casually mentioned this to my neighbor, whose six-year-old twins often come over to play. (It should be mentioned that she is in her second year of medical school, and sees lots of scary stuff on a daily basis.)

Well, you'd think I'd just announced plans to build a rifle range or a Superfund site in the backyard.

She turned positively pale. Kids get hurt on them all the time, she said. Back injuries. Neck injuries. Bad stuff, she said.

Even with all that protective netting? I said. Yep, she said.

That gave me pause, so I did a little bit of internet research. Yes, kids have been hurt, but the newer trampolines are also a lot safer.

But some parents mentioned something I hadn't even thought about -- needing more homeowners insurance. Like a swimming pool or a pit bull, trampolines are considered an extra risk by some companies.

Readers, am I being too cautious here? Can't kids get hurt doing just about anything, so are trampolines really so bad?

Do you have a backyard trampoline, or would you consider getting one? Tell us what you think! Leave a comment or email me at

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