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The Next Summer Camp Must-Have: Personal Organizers

The scandal-attuned New York Post reports that there's a new service afoot for pampered children headed to summer camp: professional packers, hired to recreate the ambiance of home in the wilderness.


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According to one such packer, "competitive career moms" spend up to $1,000 to festoon their children's luggage with "delicate touches like French-milled soaps and scented candles." (Nothing says good, old-fashioned summer camp romance like aromatic candles and European toiletries.)

Some nervous parents also ask to inspect their progeny's sheets for "softness" before sending them into the wild, according to the story.

The packers generally charge about $250 per hour. Are jewel-encrusted tents and foie gras over an open flame far behind?

These must be the same parents who pay people to stand in line at amusement parks.

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