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Design Adventures for the Big Boy Bed

We're moving this week. As part of the move, my almost-four-year-old will upgrade from his toddler bed to a real big-boy bed, which my parents have been storing in their basement for years. (God only knows what lurks in the mattress. We need to vacuum it.) To make the switch more enticing, we've offered choices in bedroom theme. Current options: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and the Boston Red Sox. This weekend, we were scrolling through various "boys bedroom" images online and stumbled upon this garish display:


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"I love it!" my son exclaimed.

On closer inspection, I discovered that this photo comes from an hourly motel. Moving on.

His second favorite features this life-like Superman exploding from the wall, which might induce nightmares:


There's also this vivid Ninja Turtle ensemble:

Which means I'm Target-bound this week. Where do you buy kids' furniture? Any ideas? What goes with Ninja green, anyway?

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