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For Closure And Peace, A Photo Session With Stillborn

By Kara Baskin

Emily and Richard Staley hired photographer Lindsey Villatoro from California's Love Song Photography to capture an unthinkable moment: the birth of their stillborn daughter, Monroe Faith. Villatoro is known for her unusual "forever loved" sessions, wherein clients can capture final moments with loved ones, often a child.


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Monroe's umbilical cord became suddenly wrapped around her neck, which was confirmed during an emergency ultrasound. Villatoro accompanied the family to the operating room the following day, where Emily had a c-section and delivered the six-pound baby.

The images went viral, with nearly half a million Facebook likes and shares, and 73,000 comments. "Any image that came to mind, I shot. I wanted this family to have every possible memory of this child I could physically give them," Villatoro wrote.

The family has set up a donation page for Monroe's memorial.