Children's Classes

Your kids may be regular know-it-alls, but they can still learn a few things in the following Boston-area children's classes. From clay molding and swimming to learning Spanish, these classes will keep your tykes physically engaged and mentally challenged.

Ballet Classes

Fresh Pond Ballet
1798A Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA
Nina Alonso-Hathaway started Fresh Pond Ballet back in 1978 with the idea of making it a more personal way to teach the art. Today, she's director and principal teacher of the intimate studio, heading up specially designed classes for children. Two- and three-year-old tykes start off with dance classes to learn movement, coordination, and balance. Pre-ballet class starts at age 4. In the next group, children ages 5 and 6 do a small amount of barre work. From there, it's on to learning more positions - and possibly more classes (two are recommended for dancers once they reach a certain level). Moms aren't required to dance. But they'll still have to stay on their toes.

Spanish Classes

141 Linden St.
Kids speak a version of the English language few adults can understand. But even though they're still developing their native tongues, you can help them pick up another by enrolling them in a LINX Spanish class. Kids as young as 18 months learn the language through the use of props, toys, and role-play. As their skill level and age increases, children up to the sixth grade can move on to different classes, where they build their vocabulary by singing, dancing, and playing games. And everyone's encouraged to speak with his or classmates as a way to build confidence. Even if she's not sure who's speaking the same language.

Fitness Classes

My Gym
1065 Commonwealth Ave., Boston

More locations:
Trolley Square Plaza
855 Worcester Rd., Framingham

Kingsbury Square Plaza
182 Summer St., Kingston

188 Needham St., Newton

400 Washington St., Ste. 5, Norwell

67 West St., Medfield

362 Cambridge Rd., Woburn

Your kids are bouncing off the walls. Literally. Channel all of their energy out of your long-suffering living room and into a My Gym fitness class. Groups are designed for children ages 6 weeks to 13 years with age-appropriate activities for all skill levels. Goals range from the successful introduction of movement and music for the tiniest babies to teaching ways for older kids to avoid inactivity and obesity. But all classes try to teach kids to have more of a positive relationship with physical activity - just outside of your living room, thank you. Schedules vary by location.

Swim Lessons

Charles River Aquatics
285 Babcock St.
Children's lives are full of sink-or-swim moments. One way you can ensure they always stay afloat is to enroll them in swim lessons at Charles River Aquatics. Its 30-minute Tiny Tots mommy-and-me class is open to children ages 6 months to 3 years and helps the babes become comfortable in the water. Then it's on to Level 1 training, where 3-year-old children discover the real joys of the pool, like blowing bubbles underwater. The only catch? Kids must be potty trained and OK with being away from Mom during the entire lesson. Not an easy proposition for some. But different strokes for different folks.

Cooking Classes

Create a Cook
53 Winchester St.
Newton, MA
Children usually think they're hot stuff, so why not teach them to make dishes that really sizzle? Create a Cook offers classes for preschool-age kids all the way up to 10th grade. Different groups for the various age levels align perfectly with their skills. In the first, young children start off by learning the fundamentals of cooking and baking through easy recipes. As they progress in age and skill, kids learn how to make more complex dishes, eventually planning menus, create aesthetically pleasing dishes, and even be safe with knives. A true recipe for success.

Music Classes

The Brewery Complex
284 Amory St.
Jamaica Plain
Your kids may never live in perfect harmony. But at least they can learn to make sweet Music Together at The Children's Music Center of Jamaica Plain. The class explores the musical ranges of children from as young as 6 months up to the age of 5 years. In each session, mixed-age kids learn by watching and hearing adult modeling and singing, moving with music, and playing with instruments. The Center even offers free demo classes, which might sound too good to be true.

Clay Classes

Potters Place
127B Old West St.
Walpole, MA
While you're molding your children into little angels, teach them to create angelic figurines of their own during Potters Place's kids' classes. Tykes in first grade and up can enroll in six-week classes to learn the finer points of coiling, pinching, slab building, and how to take a proper spin on the potter's wheel. But even if Junior's already making one mean tower out of the mashed potatoes, students at all levels are welcome to let their imaginations run wild. And that's truly heavenly.

Theater Classes

Boston Children's Theater
316 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
Does your child like to perform? Centerstage Discovery is a fun, active introduction to creative drama for your child age 4 to 6. The class includes drama games, activities, songs, and crafts based on a seasonal theme. At the end of the session, there will be a “sharing session” for parents. Classes for kids age 7 to 10 include charades, role-playing and acting out stories. Boston Children's Theatre

Building Classes

Build and Grow Clinics, Lowe's stores
Find a Lowe's near you.
On the second and last Saturday of each month, Lowe's offers a building clinic for kids. The clinic is free and kids build a simple wooden project and receive an apron, goggles, a project-themed patch and a certification of merit. Build and Grow Clinics, Lowe's Stores