Fitness Classes

You think chasing after your kids is a workout? Try these, our favorite exercise classes for all types of moms. Some are designed to bring baby along, some offer baby-sitting right next door, and some come to your home during naptime. So your excuses for not exercising will be slim indeed - just like you will be after a few months.

Yoga to Go
4 Varney St.
Jamaica Plain, MA
Kathleen Anderson has taught dance, Pilates, aerobics, and yoga all over New England, so swinging by your house is all in a day's work for her. And while she can keep (or get) you in shape with any number of exercise programs, it's her vast knowledge of prenatal yoga (and midwifery as well) that has us hooked. Patient in her instruction and professional, she's the kind of person you'd travel miles to seek the help of - never mind sit back in your home and having her come to you. She'll also arrange group classes in homes as well.

Family Day, Sports Club/L.A.
4 Avery St.
Boston, MA
Most of this posh health club is usually off-limits to kids (though they are offered a great activities/baby-sitting program while you work out), but every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., they and parents who are members can play in any of the club's indoor basketball courts, squash courts, or Olympic-size pool. It isn't a formal class per se, but finished off with a visit to the club's sunny and high-energy cafe, it's become a tried-and-true weekly fitness-bonding ritual for many a city family.

Pine Manor College
Chestnut Hill, MA
Moms and tyles alike get an impressive workout at the high-energy, low-pressure workouts run by StrollerFit. Their variety of classes (for babies, plus younger and older toddlers) are geared to get kids having fun and moms into shape. Run by mom Diane Wilson, classes are structured to accommodate moms at many different physical levels, and mix up everything from core body work to cardio and muscle-building. Classes are held outdoors in warm weather, inside when it's cold.

Mama & Me, Mom & Baby Pilates Mat Class
Pilates addicts who suffered withdrawal from their regimes during the second and third trimesters, rejoice. This class taught by Jessica Weiss is one of the best ways we've found to safely jump back in and redevelop the long, lean muscles you loved so much before your little bun started baking in the oven. (Speaking of whom, babies are welcome in this class, so long as they're pre-crawlers. More mobile types can hang out with the gym's babysitting service.) Moves focus on restrengthening the abs and upper body, and toning the legs.

Yoga for Pregnancy and Fitness
160 Beacon St.
Back Bay, MA
For twenty years as a nurse, instructor Carmela Cattuti guided countless women through their pregnancies and deliveries. These days she uses that know-how in teaching prenatal yoga, focusing on yogic breathing, meditation (for before, during, and after delivery), and stretching. She also brings in a small amount of strength training (courtesy of exercise bands) to build up abdominal and back muscles, relaxation periods, and delivery visualization exercises.

Mommy & Me, Healthworks
441 Stuart St., Boston

920 Commonwealth Ave., Brookline

Porter Square
36 White St., Cambridge

1300 Boylston St., Rte. 9E, Chestnut Hill

84 Highland Ave., Salem
Plunk Baby down (for safety reasons, the class is for infants who haven't learned to walk yet), and get your workout in around - and often with - her. The muscle-conditioning and cardio moves of the class keep you interacting with and entertaining her, sometimes picking her up, and sometimes moving around her. Bonus: Healthworks's women-only club is one of the most well-kept, attractive gym spaces in the city.