Tips for maintaining multiple-cat homes

November 4, 2010

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According to a recent survey conducted by Tidy Cats, 49% of Americans without cats have purposely not visited a home because there were two or more cats living there. With that in mind, Evette Ríos, an interior designer and regular contributor to the Rachael Ray Show, offers these tips on how to make a multiple-cat home more tidy, clean, comfortable, and inviting.

Areas just for cats: "Because some people who visit me are not cat people, I make sure to create designated areas just for the cats. I have two cat trees - one in my bedroom, and one in my living room. So when the cats get skittish around guests, or vice versa, everyone feels comfortable."

Moisten your sponge: "One thing that I do to help pick up the cat hair, is just moisten a sponge slightly, and then run it across all surfaces – furniture and countertops. I try to do this a few times a week and my home is cat hair-free."

Naturally freshen air: "It is important to me that my home smells fresh and clean. But, I don’t like using many chemicals in my house because of my cats. So, I use lots of essential oils. Specifically, I love the terracotta lamp oil rings that you put around light bulbs. You just put a few drops of the scented oil on the ring, turn on the light, and the scent emanates naturally."

Control odors: "It’s important to clean your litter box every day in order to minimize odors in the home."

Camouflage: "Try to incorporate your little box into your home’s décor, that way it isn’t just hanging out for all to see. Not only will your guests like this, but your cats will, too! I even have a top on my box, which helps control the odor, and my cats like the privacy."

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