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Pet shaming: It's all in the family

Posted by Stephanie St. Martin  December 3, 2012 09:46 AM

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(c) Craig Garcia

Sometimes those precious pets we own aren't so precious.

Consider yourself warned: endless time sucks often take place when visiting these sites. Work productivity goes down. Giggles will be coming from your cubicle. And maybe a slight feeling of "Oh man, that's awful."

Check out the hilarity on these sites:
Pet Shaming via Tumblr

That's right, I'm talking about the latest trend in pets: Pet Shaming. Those pets we normally adore have now taken a turn to the dark side. Eating the carpet and furniture? Check. Going through the garbage? Double check. How about a pet that gets sick and then (gulp) eats it? Gross, but yes…they are shamed too.

Next to the criminal is usually a piece of paper describing, often in too-much-information detail, the crime. Sometimes you even see the remnants of what has been destroyed.

Connected by these hilarious photos, owners vent their frustration about their furry, feathered and even scaly friends. So get ready to see those puppy dog eyes (and those embarrassed kitties too), as pets are shamed for making mistakes.

Every time I look though these photos, I can't help but wonder: Would I shame Bailey the bunny? And trust me, when he's a jerk, he has had every reason to be shamed!

My favorite leather Mary Jane heels - oh yea, he chewed them.

My canvas clothes hamper - he has chewed a great big hole in that.

Bailey hates wrinkles and tries to "dig" them out of my down comforter. Bite marks can be seen at the places he got frustrated by his ironing skills.

But, are all those wrongs worth shaming him? (He's probably more ashamed when I dress him up in a Halloween costume!)

I'd argue no. All these faults make me beyond frustrated, but despite them, the "terror" he causes makes me love him a bit more.

Bailey's different from my past rabbits. The fact that he "thumps" his hind legs when he's unhappy -- I hate it! -- but no matter the reason, I always laugh when he does it. It's Bailey being Bailey.

The Pet Shaming Trend has given humans insight into something more -- a pet's personality. Pet owners of multiple pets will talk about each pet and how they are different. Their favorite toys, their favorite treats, their misguided behaviors. Parents do the same with their kids.

It's further proof of one thing: Pets are family. And all family members always make fun of each others' faults.

Does your dog crawl into the sink every time there's a thunderstorm? No matter how many times you tell the cat not to, is your toilet paper still unrolled? It's okay. These are their idiosyncrasies. These are things we'll remember them for.

So the next time you are delaying your deadlines by combing through these sites, remember: these owners will probably miss (whether they admit it or not) their bedspread being chewed up once their beloved, "bad" pet passes on.

Readers, what do you think? Would you ever shame your pet?

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