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About the author

Stephanie St. Martin has a knack (and a soft spot) for pet wisdom. Through her writing, has helped owners keep their pets safe during the rough Boston winters, analyzed which pup breeds are best for kids, and sorted out rabbit adoption details.

Since childhood Stephanie has had a love for animals, often begging her mother to let her keep every frog, turtle and lizard that wandered into her Raynham, MA yard. In college, she volunteered at the NEAQ as a Live Animal Presenter and Educator. She has also assisted keepers at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay with the husbandry training of rhinos and hippos (and yes, she has the pictures to prove it).

As a philosophy writer, Stephanie co-authored "Sympathy for the Stones" (2011), an analysis of the Rolling Stones and philosophy, and published chapters in "The Red Sox and Philosophy" (2010) and "What Philosophy Can Tell About Your Lover" (2012).

Proud owner of Bailey the Bunny, she is always tempted to travel to the Netherlands and enter him into a high jumping competition. Bailey and Stephanie don't always agree on things (i.e. when to go back in the cage) and Stephanie is convinced that he might also be the rabbit from Monty Python.

You can follow her tweets at @StephStMartin, where she'll comment on a number of things. Want to grab her attention more quickly? E-mail her at