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Your thoughts on the monthly themes

Posted by Teresa Hanafin  September 24, 2008 08:51 PM

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Folks, there were some interesting comments and suggestions posted on the entry announcing the winners of the August contest. The ideas ranged from having the contests judged by professional photographers to having more than one themed contest per month.

Here's what some RAW readers said. Please add your own thoughts.

"I think the monthly subjects should be something other than 'at the beach' or 'my neighborhood' (which in most cases is 'at the beach' all over again) because it is very simple to take a picture of a sunset or a building. I think these photographers should be challenged with subjects like 'get close' and 'in motion' so we can get away from the point-and-shoot method and start fiddling with our camera settings. Give us a challenge,!"
-- Scott

"I think this contest would be a lot better and a lot fairer if a guest photographer judge picked the winner every month - not the public...any amateur photographer knows the public picks ones with cute babies, pretty sunsets, etc. I think this contest should really be about the best composition, exposure, etc. After all, it is an amateur site where people are trying to improve their photography, right? I was all for the theme of 'motion' - think of all the cool and challenging things you can do with that theme!"
-- sarah

"Perhaps there would be two different types of contests (not to put more work on you, Teresa). One is a general theme that anyone can post to ... like this month's theme, 'My Neighborhood'. But also have a second one that might run for 2 months that is a specific task (like motion, where the photo must be taken during a certain period of time) to make other, more serious photographers flex their camera muscles."
-- Matt

I answered Matt this way:
Matt: It's interesting that you suggest more than one contest at a time. My plan all along was to have more than one themed contest per month. I hadn't thought of it as having one for casual / beginner amateurs, and another for more advanced shooters; I simply thought it would be more interesting for all of you to have two or three themes to choose from each month.

OK, RAW readers: What say you?

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