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Feb. contest: Photo Scavenger Hunt

Posted by Teresa Hanafin  February 1, 2011 12:00 PM

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HuntsLogo2.jpgThe details of this contest took a little while to sort out, but I'm really excited about it, and hope you will be, too. I'm also happy to announce that the value of the gift certificates is being increased for this contest, and even better, they are being supplied by Hunt's Photo and Video (appropriate name). More on that later.

We're going to try a Photo Scavenger Hunt for the first time. The rules are extremely important, so I am going to post them first.


1. Flickr. For this contest, we are returning to using Flickr because it's the easiest way to handle this. So if you want to try this contest, but don't have a Flickr account, sign up for one immediately here and upload any 5 photos that you have right away.

Flickr can't find your account until you have 5 photos in it, and even with that, it can take Flickr as long as a couple of weeks to find new accounts. So please act quickly and get your account established ASAP.

2. Contest tags. After you upload each of your contest photos to your Flickr account, look in the right column for the link "Add tags". Add the following contest tags to each photo, or just copy and paste this: contest february2011 scavenger

When you put a space between those words, it creates 4 separate tags. Make sure not to put a space in February2011. (And spell February correctly!!!)

PLEASE be careful when you are adding tags or else we will not find your photos.

3. Titles. To help us and the judge, please make your photo titles the number of the scavenger item and a few words of what the item is, taken from our list below. For example:

10. Dog-eared paperback
27. Vanity license plate

4. Create a set. After you have uploaded a few of your contest photos, create a set on Flickr and add them to it. By the end of the month, all of your photos for the contest should be in a set. You can do that here. It doesn't matter what you call the set, as long as every photo has the correct tags.

This is an important step because sets will allow us to quickly see how many of the 28 items you were able to photograph.

5. Misc. You must take these photos this month, and they must be your own work. If we find that you have taken photos from another source, that would be so bad that you'll be disqualified not just from this contest, but every future contest.

You must take 28 separate photos. You cannot combine items.

As with all of our contests, you may post-process your images, but you cannot add in scavenger list items that were not in the original photo. That's cheating.

Flickr accepts a few different file formats, but we prefer that you upload jpegs. That makes it easier when we download the contest images from Flickr into our own galleries.

6. The deadline. It's midnight Feb. 28, so upload your contest photos into your Flickr account by then. We'll give everyone a few days into March to get everything tagged correctly and moved into a set.

7. The judging. The finalists will be those who photograph all 28 items according to the list. If nobody gets all 28 items correctly, then we'll see who got 27, etc. Once we have those finalists, we'll ask a professional photographer to judge each set based on the overall quality of the photos. That's where skill and creativity comes in to play.

Remember: This isn't just a scavenger hunt; it's also a photo contest, so the quality and creativity of your images is very important -- it could help you break a tie and emerge a winner!

8. The prizes. As I mentioned above, Hunt's Photo and Video is generously providing 3 gift certificates for First, Second, and Third Place in this contest.

We usually award $100, $50, and $25, but because this scavenger hunt is so challenging, Rich Yagjian at Hunt's is giving us GCs worth $300 for First Place, $200 for Second, and $100 for Third. Everybody needs photo supplies, and Hunt's has stores in Melrose, Cambridge, Boston, and Hadley in Massachusetts, as well as Manchester, New Hampshire; South Portland, Maine, and Providence, Rhode Island.

Okay, I think I covered everything. If I didn't, leave a comment below with your question or suggestion, or send an e-mail to

HERE'S THE LIST! Some can be taken inside or from inside your car; others have to be taken outside. Some are easy; some are hard. Have fun!

1. Analog clock, not digital, showing the time as 8:08 (the month and year RAW began)
2. Barber pole
3. Beatles' album cover from an LP (33 rpm) - no CD covers
4. Birds (more than one) at a bird feeder
5. Boston terrier (you can be creative with this one)
6. Bubbles in a glass of liquid
7. Calendar showing the month of February
8. Champagne glasses
9. Child's doll
10. Dog-eared paperback
11. Fire hydrant
12. Red SUV (no trucks or vans)
13. House with the street number 28 - the number can be on a mailbox or wall, but you must show the house in the photo
14. Icicle - can be more than one icicle in the photo, but make one the focus of the shot
15. Kids sledding
16. Monopoly silver shoe piece sitting on the board on Vermont Avenue (yea New England!) (can be a gold piece from the Anniversary Edition)
17. Museum sign - any museum is fine
18. Old stone wall
19. Paintbrush - any size
20. Piece of candy in the shape of a heart - any candy, including chocolate
21. Rocking chair
22. Roll of film
23. Snow pile taller than an adult with an adult in the photo for perspective
24. Steaming pot of soup -- have to show the steam and the soup
25. Traffic light after dark, red light facing you, green light facing left or right
26. Uniformed police officer - again, can show more than one officer, but one has to be the focus
27. Vanity license plate
28. White steepled church

Other stuff you should know:

* You keep the copyright to your photos. We won't sell them. But by submitting them to us, you're giving us permission to publish them on or The Boston Globe and in any marketing we may do to promote this amateur photography site.

* We won't alter your photos other than to run them as large as possible on a webpage without harming the quality, and to shrink them to thumbnails on other pages.

Here's the jib-jab from the lawyers:

By submitting your photo(s) to, you grant and The Boston Globe a royalty-free license to publicly display, reproduce, and use the photographs in any form or media for any and all editorial and related promotional purposes in perpetuity. However, you will retain the copyright to your photo(s) and and The Boston Globe will not sell your photo(s). You also warrant that the photo is your original work, does not violate the copyright or any other personal or property right of any third party, and you have obtained any and all releases and permissions necessary for our intended use.

Again, please enjoy yourself. I hope this is a nice break from this relentness weather.

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