How to start your own blog on

Everybody who is registered on and has chosen a screen name can start a blog right here on If you've ever wanted to try your hand at blogging, perhaps about a subject you know a lot about, but haven't gotten around to creating an account at one of the mainstream blog providers, then give ours a try.

Soon we'll start highlighting the best user blogs in various sections of We've already started highlighting Food bloggers on our Food page. Just visit the Food section here and look in the right rail under the Discussions -- the section is called "Local Food and Wine Blogs." You'll also get listed on our New England blogs page, which consists of all the best blogs from this area that we can find.

It's pretty simple to start a blog: Make sure you're logged on to so that your screen name shows up at the very top of the page or whenever you add a comment somewhere. Clicking on your screen name will take you to your Profile page, where you'll find a tab that says "Blog". Read the jib-jab there for ideas on what to blog about, then click the "Blog Settings" link.

On that page, you choose a name for your blog, a tagline, an image, and set your preferences: Whether you want to accept comments, for example. You also can create your own blog roll -- a list of other blogs you like that will appear on your blog page.

If you try it and have ideas or suggestions, just send an email to Thanks.

Teresa Hanafin
Director of Community Publishing