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  • Posted 12/19/2014 07:40:08 EST

    In response to PhatVirginian's comment: Make no mistake about who the "bully" is in here. That would be you.  You are simply reaping what you have sowed. Many individuals are treating you exactly how more »

  • Posted 12/17/2014 07:26:58 EST

    SF sucks, but I doubt anyone else picks them this week, and I need a miracle

    So I'm holding my nose and taking the Niners


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  • Forum Post: Get it Together

    Posted 12/17/2014 06:17:26 EST

    In response to BostonTrollSpanker's comment:

    Thanks Babe for making the board better

    My nominee for Most Improbable Forum Post of the Year

    Maybe of all time

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  • Posted 12/17/2014 04:20:49 EST

    In response to PatsEng's comment:

    Because Rusty lost in the first hour of the bet

    Trust me, I'm an engineer!

    And you know this how? I thought you had him on ignore

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  • Posted 12/17/2014 04:10:09 EST

    In response to ToneKing's comment: I do and did. I was challenged not to name call through October and I didn't. Meanwhile the hypocrites called me any name they wanted constantly. So, basically I lik more »

  • Posted 12/13/2014 06:20:26 EST

    Pittsburgh Steelers please

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  • Posted 12/11/2014 11:00:24 EST


    Next up: rkarp. He's due to hit his 10,000th post sometime around the first of the year

    The Scoop10K


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  • Posted 12/04/2014 11:10:29 EST

    In response to AyyyBoston's comment: You and I both Ache. Last year, I did very well and made the playoffs, but I've been awful this year. This is harder than I thought Picking against the Raiders is more »

  • Posted 12/04/2014 05:33:17 EST

    I was wondering how the playoffs worked. Thanks for the explanation

    Not that I'll ever make it to the post-season. I suck at this game

    Give me Houston this week please

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  • Posted 12/04/2014 05:23:37 EST

    In response to 42AND46's comment: It's that time again which I know you all look forward to with baited breath: the weekly Ginats Update! It's "bated breath" Not "baited breath", you jabro https://www more »

  • Posted 12/01/2014 04:12:56 EST

    In response to TFB12's comment:

    This picture I made and posted yesterday is freaking hillarious!


    Koolaid moustache is the best part lol

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  • Posted 12/01/2014 04:11:13 EST

    In response to NCPatsFan1971's comment: The way you use the term "Homer" is the same as calling somebody a moron, idiot among other derogotory names It is an indirect form of Rusty bashing. Just like more »

  • Posted 11/30/2014 01:00:21 EST

    In response to TFB12's comment: What a freaking homer!  Dude, you never caught a football in your life!  You have no idea how hard that catch is.  Running your route, realize the ball is on the wrong more »

  • Posted 11/28/2014 07:26:06 EST


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  • Posted 11/26/2014 06:32:31 EST

    In response to pingo's comment: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on this thread. Not surprised by the winners. I felt, it was staged from the beginning. PR has a lot to do with it, and there was a lot o more »

  • Posted 11/26/2014 06:26:45 EST

    In response to GoneToTheDogs39's comment: "Anniversary season due in March. Happy anniversary, Robin!" Definitely, see you in March!  The lovebirds (Janel & Val) are making the rounds on the morning t more »

  • Posted 11/25/2014 11:52:26 EST

    Hi, Robin. Hate to sound like an I-told-you-so, but this is what I said exactly ten weeks ago today: Too early to predict the ultimate winner, but off Monday's performances is there any doubt it will more »

  • Forum Post: Eli Manning

    Posted 11/24/2014 11:39:30 EST

    In response to TheExaminer's comment: That catch by Beckham was BS. The guy is basically wearing gloves made out of super glue infused silicon rubber with nano technology. What do you expect? I can't more »

  • Posted 11/24/2014 10:47:38 EST

    Wow. America voting out YDH before the final. That doesnt happen very often. Genuine shocker tonight, Robin Sets up a good finale for tomorrow night though. I'm looking forward to it I stand by my pri more »

  • Posted 11/24/2014 07:22:21 EST

    Robin, I know youre a Maks girl to the end, but sometimes I think you have a little crush on YDH:) Italian, huh? Molto bene! Maybe you and Bruno are related somehow. Wouldnt that be something? PS Dont more »

  • Posted 11/20/2014 07:00:24 EST


    Jet green = unsightly, cheap, vulgar

    Celtic green = classy, elegant, refined

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  • Posted 11/20/2014 06:47:02 EST

    I'm goin' wiff da Chiefs tonight in Oakland

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  • Posted 11/19/2014 07:31:16 EST


    Hadnt thought of that, but you might be right. As I recall, the kid was wearing green

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  • Posted 11/18/2014 07:30:27 EST

    Last time I was at HF I played a game of one-on-one with an older dude there. We used his ball. Left mine off to the side. After a while a little kid came over and started playing with it. I didnt say more »

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